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Getting Simply Classified to work with DNN6

Oct 19, 2011 at 9:49 PM

I have searched high and low and come to the conclusion that Simply Classified *would* be the best module for my needs. The others are more complex than what I need and I would be paying for the privilege. The problem I have is that I cannot get SC to work. I am on DNN6. I can install the module and create an ad but when I or any other user tries to view that add, we get a blank pop-up along with a message from my browser that there are some unsecured elements of the page and asks me if I want to show all content. Since my site in an intranet secured with SSL, I would hope any module I add would adhere to the security model and since it is all within my site, I should not see this prompt. So I click it anyway to allow the unsecured content and then the pop-up window goes away and I am brought back to the classified listing. When I click to view the listing a second time, I see the pop-up but within it I get a 403 access denied message.

I know the developer of SC dropped off a while back so I can only hope for a miracle that he will respond to this inquiry (I hope all is well man!). All other help resources from Codeplex related to this module are dead links and it looks like an effort to develop a beta version has halted. Has anyone else encountered issues like this? Any advice to get this to work the way it should? I also suspect I am looking at the same validation issues others have encountered as I cannot seem to control the security of the module in such a way as to designate someone that can approve posts before they are published.

Any and all help is appreciated. Too bad this has to be this way. SC seems like an otherwise promising solution for DNN and is the last module I want to offer before going live wit hmy intranet.





Dec 1, 2011 at 7:02 AM

I am sorry to report that we have not lately pursued further development with this module.  It was last tested with DNN 5 and some minor changes had to be made to get it to run with that.  When the module is installed, it include it's own permissions controller but I know changes will probably need to be made there in order for it to run under DNN 6.

Jan 4, 2013 at 3:47 PM

Is this module is working on DNN 7? Will you release a newer version in the near future?